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Spinal Flow®Technique
is a fast, effective way to heal clients from pain, dis-ease and illness.


What is Spinal Flow?

Spinal Flow was founded by Dr Carli Axford, a Chiropractor for many years.

She has developed this technique, which uses the 7 Gateways of the Spine and 33 Access Points, to connect the body into ease and well-being.

The Philosophy and Science of Spinal Flow is based on the original principles of Chiropractic, which says that “Our Bodies have the ability to heal themselves”

So what we do is facilitate and guide this healing.

Touch, communication and the ability to increase a Spinal Wave, are the tools if you like, that we, as Spinal Flow Practitioner’s use.

The beautiful thing is, that once our Spinal Blockages are released, the Nervous System tells the brain to restore the body to the innate perfection it was designed to have.

By contacting specific Access Points on the spine, we can bring the brains awareness to a blockage and allow our clients to connect and release it themselves. This in turn creates more Spinal Wave in their system and allows the body to restore and reset itself.

Manually adjusting the spine, joints or soft tissue, is a key feature of Chiropractic, which focuses on what they call subluxations.

These subluxations are what we refer to as blockages.

So, conversely, Spinal Flow finds the existing ease and wellbeing in your body & then expands on it to release blockages, without any manual manipulation.

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About Us

At Vital Flow Wellness, we’re committed to providing you with the most exceptional care in a compassionate and friendly atmosphere. With many years involved in healing, we have set up our Clinic in Mooloolaba, servicing the Sunshine Coast.

Our philosophy is that our patients come first. No matter why you’re visiting us, we provide comprehensive and excellent treatment.

Book now and let us take care of you.

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Meet the Team

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John Pears

Certified Spinal Flow Practitioner

John is a Certified Spinal Flow Practitioner and is passionate about helping his clients.
He has been involved in healing since a teenager and chose Spinal Flow as his modality, because he truly believes in helping people achieve optimal wellness.


What To Expect During Your First Visit

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Health history - Your Spinal Flow Practitioner will ask you to complete a comprehensive history of your past and present illness, injuries and symptoms and may ask you for additional information about your past and current health and lifestyle choices.

Dress: Both Initial Assessments and Spinal Flow Sessions are performed fully-clothed, in the attire you arrive in and no change of clothes is required.

Please just avoid denims with large seams if possible, as this can interfere with access points.

Initial Assessment: 

Your practitioner will

  1. Assess your posture.

  2. Identify areas of blockages and areas of ease or where there is flow, by observing you during some simple movements.

  3. Feel specifically at each vertebral level to identify where there are any specific blockages, which impedes nerve and energy flow, as well as identify if your body is holding any stress in a chemical, emotional or physical way.

During your Spinal Flow Treatment:

Your Spinal Flow practitioner will lightly touch areas of openness in the body called “access points”, without any manual manipulation of the spine.

By gently contacting these “access points”, our intention is to open up the areas of blockages and allow the body to release stressors from the spine and nervous system and thus encouraging a "Spinal Wave".

All that is required of you is to lie face down fully clothed, relax and enjoy connecting into your body.



Spinal Flow Treatment Prices

  • Initial Consultation 

Includes Health Assessment, Postural Assessment, Spinal Check & Spinal Flow Treatment

(Allow around 55 – 65 minutes)    $110

  • Follow up Treatment

Normal Session (Allow around 25 – 35 minutes)   $75

Extended Session (Allow around 55 - 65 minutes)   $110

  • Concession Treatment (Students, Pensioners & Children)

Normal Session (Allow around 25 – 35 minutes)   $50

Extended Session (Allow around 55 - 65 minutes)   $100


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